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Help us tackle the challenges of loneliness and social isolation by connecting venues to our network.


"Chatty Tables" are where customers can sit if they are looking to talk to others. We partner with social venues like cafes, bars, libraries, community centers – anywhere that people can sit and have a casual chat.


We are looking for volunteers to help us grow our network of social venues. If you know a venue in your community that could benefit from joining the initiative, have a chat with them. Let them know they can sign up directly on our website. You can also provide us with the contact details and we would be happy to get in touch.

Volunteer roles are also available to host a table at a designated venue. The role of a host is to partner with a social venue to host a 'Chatty Table'. The host will help kick-start conversations, be a friendly face at the table and promote the table within the local community.

Volunteer Inquiries

Thanks for submitting!

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